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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Hunter Vance is back after 13 long years in this special edition of BaitBuddies.com! As you can imagine, a person can change a lot in 13 years and Hunter has definitely changed! He's still as hot as ever but his muscles grew and grew by a lot! Hunter is even better looking than his first time around and he credits his youthfulness to staying out of the sun! Whatever he's doing, it's working well for him!

Big and hunky Heath is also back at the studio and that's because Hunter saw his recent appearance on BaitBuddies.com and Hunter couldn't get him off his mind. He tells Caruso that he saw him and he had to have a piece of him! Heath was just as flattered as he thought Hunter was hot as well. And, when Caruso had them sit on the couch side-by-side, there were muscles and chemistry galore!

Since there's no setup and both guys know exactly why they're at the studio, Caruso steps back and tells the two beefcakes to stand up, show off their muscles, get naked, explore, and have some fun. And, man oh man did they! Hunter and Heath flexed and worshipped each other's amazing bodies before some hot ass-eating and some hard ass-pounding! Be sure to stick around for Caruso's behind-the-scenes footage as well as the After The Shoot interview!