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Welcome back to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Aaron Perez and Aiden are back this week to explore some guy-on-guy action a little more!

You'll probably remember Aiden's sexy ass from a while back where he got fucked in the ass by no other than the big and bold Riley Mitchel! Before that, Aiden had only been pegged by his girlfriend at the time but that just wasn't good enough. Aiden was craving the real thing so Riley gave the man what he wanted and fucked Aiden's hot ass good and hard!

You'll also probably remember Aaron Perez. After all, who could forget this hot Latin stud? Aaron loves getting fucked by straight men because he loves how taboo it all seems. It really turns him on and that's why he reached out to Caruso to see if he could get fucked in another scene. But, not by just anyone. Aaron has been jacking off to Aiden for a while now and he told Caruso that it would be a dream come true to get fucked by Aiden's beautiful uncut cock! Caruso worked his magic, got in touch with Aiden, and picked a date and time. Now here we are and Caruso has a very special gift for all the BaitBuddies.com fans! Enjoy a front-row seat to Aaron and Aiden's sexual journey!