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Straight: Jace
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Welcome back to!

Nico is back at the studio for this week's scene! After going gay for pay, this hot hairy man just can't seem to get enough cock to satisfy his cravings! So he contacted Caruso once again to see if he could line him up with a hot and hairy straight man to fuck! Of course, Caruso was more than happy to help a friend out.

Meet Jace, he's this week's straight guy and he's one sexy dude! He checks all the boxes for Nico! Especially the body hair! Jace doesn't have a girlfriend so he's having tons of sex. And, that's why he's here today. Jace figured that if he's having sex then why not get paid for it? Plus, he's pretty open-minded! He tells Nico and Caruso that he let his girlfriend peg him. It all started with her slipping a finger in his ass while he was fucking her! Once Jace discovered how much he liked ass play, they decided to move on to bigger and better things... her dildo!

Caruso tells both guys that before they get started, he needs them to strip down, get hard, and prove that they can stay hard. Once they do that then he'll go get the girl that they'll both be fucking today. Neither stud had any issues and both were rock-hard and ready to fuck! Caruso tells them to sit tight and keep stroking while he fetches the girl. But, he quickly comes back with bad news... no girl today, and without a girl, there isn't a scene. Unless both guys will be willing to have sex with each other. Jace was confused but not upset and with Caruso also offering to pay them double the original amount, Jace couldn't pass up the offer and decided to give gay for pay a shot!