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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Killian hasn't been at the studio since last October but he recently contacted Caruso to see if he could come back, get some straight cock, and make some money in the process. Caruso was more than happy to have him back! He asked Killian what type of qualities turn him on these days and Killian told him that he still likes guys on the masculine side, big all over, but his real turn-on is guys with a foreign accent! It really gets his juices flowing!

Lucky for Killian, a tall, dark, and handsome man sent in his info to make his porn debut and that man is Darko Bellano! Darko is super hot, tall, fit, hairy, and hung! He has a beautiful uncut cock and he just happens to be from Italy. Darko has that sexy Italian accent and when Killian heard it for the first time, his cock started to get hard!

Caruso tells both guys that before he goes to get the girl that they'll be fucking today, he needs them to strip down, get hard, and prove that they can both stay hard. Neither guy had any issues so Caruso stepped out to get the girl. Unfortunately, he returned with bad news and basically, the girl isn't showing up today. But, Caruso has another offer up his sleeves... he tells both guys that if they have sex with each other then he can continue filming the scene and he can also pay them double the original amount. Darko said he came here to do straight porn, not gay porn. But, he also needed to get off and make money. So, he finally decided to go gay for pay and see what it's like. Killian was beyond thrilled and he couldn't wait for Darko to shove that big uncut cock deep inside his yearning ass!