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Welcome back to a very special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

This week, we have two returning studs! You'll probably remember hot and sexy Joseph, but you might not remember Grayden! Grayden was here 10 long years ago as Connor! He was hot then but he's even hotter now! And, he's a whole lot bigger!

Grayden contacted Caruso at the end of 2023 to see if he could come back and show off all of his new talents! 10 years can change a person and Grayden has changed a lot. Not only has he bulked up his big and beefy body but he's also grown sexually! Grayden loves ass and he's hoping to fuck some, show off his beautiful body, and make some money in the process! Caruso was more than happy to have him in another scene.

It took a while for Caruso to find the perfect match for Grayden but after a recent conversation with Joseph and after showing Joseph Grayden's photos, He told Caruso that Grayden could fuck him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Joseph was thrilled and he was also excited to hear that Grayden was just as hot for him. Especially, Joseph's tight little bubble-butt! Grayden was just dying to stick his dick in it!

So with both guys at the studio, both horny as hell, Caruso let them chat about what they wanted to do to each other so that he could just step back and let them have at it! From the moment they stripped down it was instant attraction and Grayden couldn't keep his hands off Joseph's ass or his fingers out of it. But, it was when he shoved that big dick in it that Joseph really lit up! Joseph found out that Grayden was much bigger in person than in his photos!