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Welcome back to a very special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Joseph Hart and Amone Bane are back at the studio in this All Star Edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Both Joseph and Amone have very distinct features so it's not surprising that after their scenes were posted online, they are being recognized everywhere they go. Joseph was riding his bike when a fan of his who was coming towards him, recognized him and fell his bike. Being the nice guy that he is, Joseph chatted with him for a bit before riding off again. And Amone, he can't walk down the street without someone taking notice and coming up to him! Both guys love the attention and support!

Now that both guys are starring in an All Star scene together, Caruso asked Joseph what he likes most about Amone and Joseph was quick to bring up Amone's tool. It is pretty breathtaking and Joseph loves a big dick! He said there's nothing like the fullness you get from a big dick that means business!

Caruso knew he was losing their attention because the more he talked about sex, the hornier they got! So he told them to just get naked, ignore him, and have fun with each other. And they did just that!