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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Gio Carrera is back at the studio for this week's scene! Gio was here at the end of 2023 but after watching himself having sex with another dude on video, it really turned him on! He didn't realize how hot he looked getting fucked by Max Romano and his big thick dick! What started as just getting pegged by his girlfriend has now turned into getting barebacked by the real thing! Gio has learned that a real cock not only feels better but a real man fucking you as hard as he can feels pretty damn good too! And, that's why he's back!

Ricky Rexx is this week's straight guy and this Latin hunk decided that at 33 and single, he's ready to spread the love and make some coin in the process! Ricky loves to please and lately, he's been fucking more girls in the ass! Maybe today he'll fuck Gio in his sexy ass!

Caruso tells Gio, and Ricky that before he can go get the girl, both guys will have to prove that they can get hard and stay hard while in the same room with each other. So they strip down and start stroking! It isn't long before both Gio and Ricky are rock-hard and ready to fuck! Caruso, tells them that they both look good so he'll go get the girl. As usual, he returns with bad news... no girl will be showing up today and without a girl, he can't continue the scene. However, he has one other option... if both guys will have sex with each other then he can continue the scene and double their money. Ricky wasn't really sure until Gio told him about being in a similar situation that turned out to be one of the best decisions he's ever made. Ricky admitted to being curious but he didn't think his first time doing anything with another dude would be on camera. Between being horny as hell and wanting the money, Ricky agreed to give it a shot and Gio promised that he would make sure Ricky enjoyed every second of his new experience!