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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Marco Lorenzo and his giant cock are back at the studio looking for some hot straight guy action! Marco gets laid plenty but straight guys are more of a challenge and Marco loves a good challenge! Especially, a cock that's as intimidating as his big uncut piece!

Tomas is this week's straight guy and at 24 he's super horny and loves big boobies and big booties! Marco may not have the big boobies but he sure does have a beautiful big booty! Hopefully, Tomas will give it a good pounding today! I doubt many guys would turn down Marco's big voluptuous ass!

Caruso explains to both guys that before he goes to get the girl, he needs to make sure that Marco and Tomas can get hard and stay hard while sitting next to each other and once they prove they can, then he'll go get the girl that both studs will be double-penetrating today! Marco and Tomas waste no time stripping down and stroking their giant uncut dicks while watching some porn to help out. Neither guy needed any help so Caruso told them to keep stroking while he stepped out to get the girl. As usual, the girl can't make it and without a girl, Caruso doesn't have a scene. Marco and Tomas looked disappointed but their cocks were still rock hard and throbbing so Caruso made them another offer that would double their money if they'll have sex with each other. Tomas asked if Caruso was serious and then confessed to having circle jerks with other guys but he hasn't done anything beyond that. Maybe he hasn't but the smile on his face let Caruso know that he was definitely interested in doing more today. Tomas agreed and Caruso told Marco to help him out and guide him through the process. Once Marco leaned over and started sucking Tomas off, you could tell that Tomas was going to deliver today and he sure did!