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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

It has been a long 8 years since Scott DeMarco first appeared on BaitBuddies.com and this is his 9th scene! Scott has evolved in many ways since his first visit and each time he comes back he evolves a little more! He has turned into a full-fledged man and a total top! It seems that most people can't resist his beautiful cock and today, Scott is hoping that he can stick it in a straight dude's ass!

Dylan is this week's straight guy and man is he jacked! When he first walks into the studio, Caruso tells him to give us a flex to show off his big muscles! Dylan has more to offer than just his muscles and even though he has a girlfriend, they are in an open relationship. As a matter of fact, Dylan and his girlfriend are so comfortable and open with each other that he regularly lets her take over the more dominate role and play with his ass. She puts on her strap-on and fucks her man good and hard and he loves it! Dylan isn't shy to talk about it either! He and another buddy even double-penetrated his girlfriend!

Caruso knows that this is going to be a slam dunk so he tells both guys to strip down, get hard, and see if they can pass the porn test. Once they prove they can get hard and stay hard then he'll bring the girl in that both studs will be fucking. It doesn't take long before Scott and Dylan are rock-hard and ready to fuck so Caruso steps out to go get the girl. But, she won't be showing up today which leaves room for only one other option... if both guys have sex with each other then Caruso can finish filming a scene as well as pay each guy double the money! Caruso asks Dylan if he's ever done anything with another guy and he said no but for double the money, he'd try taking his first real dick up his ass. However, he did take notice of Scott's big cock and said it's bigger than anything his girlfriend has ever stuck up his ass but he's willing to test it out!