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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Reliable Riley is back at the studio to see if he can get some straight cock while also helping another dude explore his sexuality. Riley has never let Caruso down when it comes to getting straight men to go gay for pay. Out of all the times that Riley has been here today might be one of the easier ones...

Baby Bear is this week's straight guy and don't let the cute name fool you because this stud is a sex maniac! He's hot, he's hairy, and his ass is big and beautiful! You just want to bury your face or cock or both in it! Baby Bear is also married but he and his wife have an open marriage and she knows he's going to be doing porn today. What they both don't know is that it's going to be gay porn. But, Baby Bear explained that he is very open-minded and he and a buddy double-penetrated his wife on multiple occasions so he's cool with rubbing dicks with another dude!

Caruso normally has to put the guys to the get hard and stay hard test but when Baby Bear and Riley stripped down, they were already rock-hard and ready to go! So Caruso tells them to sit tight and keep stroking and he'll go get the girl. But, sadly he has to info the guys that no girl will be showing up today. However, since Baby Bear made it clear that he is open-minded, Caruso offered them double if they would have sex with each other. Baby Bear didn't even hesitate and quickly said yes! He just couldn't wait to fuck another dude in the ass for the first time!