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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Riley Mitchel is back at the studio because Caruso had a guy apply who has every single quality that Riley looks for in a man. Riley likes them tall, hot, muscular, and hung. He prefers really hung and uncut. And, the bigger the muscles the better! Riley likes when a big and beefy man takes control oh him and gets a little rough in the process! Well, today is Riley's dream come true because Caruso has found that man!

Meet Christian! Christian and a big man all over! He's tall, ripped from head to toe, and his cock is large and in charge! He tells Caruso that it's around 8 inches but it looks much larger than that!

Caruso tells both guys to get naked and get hard and if they can prove that they can stay hard while in the same room together then Caruso will go get the girl who they'll both be fucking today. Seeing that there wasn't going to be an issue, Caruso tells them to keep stroking their dicks and he'll be back in a bit. But, he returns alone and with bad news... the girl canceled. So, they can either pack up and leave or they can go another route... have sex with each other for double the money... Christian wasn't so sure but his cock had other plans. It was rock-hard and ready to fuck! Christian couldn't deny it and said that he also knows his cock is big but Riley looks like a guy who can handle it. But, can he?