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Welcome back to a special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Archie and Andy are back this week to get laid and get paid! While off camera these 2 studs have developed quite the friendship and hang out regularly! They talk about all kinds of things including sex. However, they have never had sex with each other and since they've both been on BaitBuddies.com multiple times, they figured they would have their first encounter at the studio so that their fans can get an up close and personal front-row seat!

Andy has pretty much decided that he loves nothing more than a big cock inside him and Archie loves to fuck some good ass. So deciding who was going to top and who was going to bottom, was a piece of cake. And, with their dicks hard and hormones racing, these guys couldn't wait to finally fuck! Watch Archie and Andy and their first fuck right here at BaitBuddies.com!