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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

He hasn't been at the studio since last year but fan favorite Kingcuba is finally back for more straight cock! You'll remember Kingcuba for his good looks and killer body but his cock also stands out in a crowd! Kingcuba has a long 9-inch uncut monster and sometimes it's hard to find someone that measures up to it. Not to mention Kingcuba's requests for a straight uncut Latino to be packing as much or even more meat than he has between his legs. But, Caruso loves a good challenge so he began his search for a giant uncut Latino cock!

Meet Cristian! Cristian made his way to Florida from Argentina and he's running low on money and sex. But, Cristian has a cock that can get him almost anything and today he's looking to use it to fuck a hot girl and make some money in the process! He knows that he's made for porn so he isn't going to even let his lack of English discourage him. Plus, Caruso's assistant is happy to translate as long as he gets a peek at Cristian's big sausage!

Caruso tells both guys to get naked and get hard. If they can stay hard then he'll go get the girl and they can start fucking her. After both studs proved that they can keep a combined 18.5 inches of cock hard while sitting next to each other, Caruso tells them to sit tight and he'll go get the girl. But, he returns with bad news that no girl will be showing up today. After asking both guys in Spanish if they've ever done anything with another guy, Cristian said no. But, when Caruso offered to pay double the original amount, Cristian couldn't say no and decided to give gay-for-pay sex a try!