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Welcome back to!

Back by popular demand due to his good looks, his big uncut cock, and his amazing body hair, Jarren has returned to the studio! This time, it's Jarren's turn to convince another straight dude to go gay for pay! And Caruso has just the man in mind!

Brody is this week's straight guy and this blue-eyed bearded stud is hot, horny, and ready to fuck a hot female pornstar! At 28-years-old, Brody has found himself in a split decision. Either join the military or make porn and since he says he has a big cock, porn was the journey he chose to go on. And if everything works out as planned, he'll be going on a sexual journey as well and hopefully, his girlfriend won't find out!

First Brody and Jarren will have to prove that they both have what it takes by getting naked, getting hard, and staying hard while in the same room. If they can do that then Caruso knows that they won't have any problems tag-teaming the girl. So seeing that both guys are rock-hard and ready, Caruso steps out of the room to go get the girl. Once again, it's bad news. The girl is a little under the weather and no other girls are available to shoot. But, if both guys wanted to try something different then Caruso can pay them double. Brody perked up and said that he'll basically do anything for double the money. So Caruso asked him if he would be willing to have sex with Jarren. Brody thought about it for a second and then quickly agreed saying "well we're already here."