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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Fire hot Brody Fox is back at the studio and he's searching for a big cock to fill his tight little hole! Brody has been hitting the gym a lot and his body keeps getting bigger every time he comes back! At the gym, Brody pushes himself to the limit. Today, he wants to do the same thing to his asshole and push it to the limit as well! He requested at least 8 inches so Caruso asked him what he would do if it was bigger. Brody's eyes got huge and he said, he would have to see it! Well, Caruso knows a guy!

Meet Braxton! This big beautiful man came to the studio looking for some hot girls to fuck and make some money doing it! But, when he entered the room, Brody was sitting on their couch. Caruso explained why Brody was at the studio and that both guys would be fucking a girl together. Braxton didn't seem to mind and told Caruso that he's been naked around other guys and he's crossed swords while fucking girls but that's as far as it went. However, he made it clear that he loves sex, he's very comfortable in his skin, and he's free-spirited! Caruso knew this was going to be an easy one so he told Brody and Braxton that they'll just need to prove that they can get hard and stay hard around each other and once that's done, he'll go get their reward.

Once again, the girl flaked out and Caruso had to deliver the bad news. But, hard and horny, Brody and Braxton didn't want to leave so soon so Caruso made them another offer. Have sex with each other and he'll continue the scene. And, he'll pay them double the money! Braxton agreed and Brody lit up! He couldn't wait for Braxton to stuff that monster in his beautiful bubble-butt!