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Just pretend it`s a lollipop!

Brock is a professional PGA golfer and a certified Scuba diver and a dedicated bodybuilder. Whether on land or sea he is one sexy man and perhaps the sexiest man with a shaved, smooth head that we have ever laid eyes on. A smattering of tattoos, HUGE ripped body, 18 inch guns,a thick, meaty cock and a gorgeous smile all combine to create a true masculine stud in our eyes!

Rusty Stevens is the big man on campus and I mean BIG - Bodybuilder HUGE! He`s tall, handsome, ripped from head to toe and sports a 16 inch set of guns! Rusty started out in the industry totally straight and with a girlfriend but it wasn`t long until the money got the best of him. Now a Gay 4 Pay pro, he`s just the man to use as our new bait.

The jig is up, the girl didn`t show once again (we have to hire more reliable girls - LOL)and we were more than ready to see what gay mischief we could get these two muscle boys up to. It was easy enough to get our Bait to go down on Brock`s hot bodybuilder penis, but when the tables were turned we had to prod poor straight, Brock into sucking Rusty`s cock by starting with a lick or two and telling him ``Just pretend it`s a lollipop.`` Watch and see how we bring big, massive Brock to his knees!