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Chad`s Challenge

Chad Brock is a mature gay man with a ripped physique, beautiful cock and even more beautiful ass. With his masculine good looks, piercing green eyes and outgoing personality, Chad was the perfect bait guy in the first video he did for us not long ago. Best of all, even before hooking up with BaitBuddies.com, he loved nothing more than picking up straight guys and convincing them to try gay sex with him. With that knowledge, we created a challenge for Chad. If he recruited a straight guy (and we can confirm it) and then gets him into the studio under the pretense of shooting a straight porn flick, we would pay him $1000 bonus whether he could convince the guy to go gay4pay or not. Well, Chad met the challenge and we gladly paid up when dragged his new gym bud, Clay, into the studio.

Clay is a recently divorced straight dude who had been training at the same gym as Chad. Chad thought he was hot, so he got to know him a bit and as soon as he was comfortable, he told Clay he did porn. Clay`s interest was peaked, so each time at the gym he asked more and more questions until Chad finally approached him about doing a video. Clay was a horny fucker and wanted to tag team a couple of hot girls with his new buddy Chad, so he quickly agreed to give it a try. However, what Clay did not know is that Chad of course, actually wanted to have sex with him. At 6` tall with stunning blue eyes, muscular hairy body and a beautiful 7" cock, Clay was in for a surprise for sure. Lucky for us, he was willing to go all the way with Chad, we`re talking kissing, sucking and fucking, and we were there to capture it on film!