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Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell!

It may be a policy that`s on it`s way out, but not here at BaitBuddies.com, especially when you have a straight guy who just had sex with his ex-girlfriend`s brother! You heard it right. Brenden is a straight dude who dated our Bait guy`s sister for over three years and they were engaged to be married...that was before a nasty breakup ended it all. However, since that time Tucker and Brenden have remained in touch. Brenden had heard, but never confirmed, that Tucker did porn and of course he assumed it was straight porn as his friend had never come out to him. What Brenden didn`t know was that Tucker had the mad hots for his hunky body, lightly haired chest and legs and handsome, manly demeanor.

Just recently, Brenden came to visit Tucker while on his vacation. He told Tucker that he spent his money on booze and babes and needed some quick cash to get him through the rest of his stay and he wanted to do some porn. Tucker told us the whole story and wanted to know if we would be willing to shoot an episode of Bait Buddies, so that he could finally have the opportunity, which he thought would never come, to get his hands on his friend Brenden. Of course we would! This Masculine, 6` tall dude with a chiseled body, beautiful ass, succulent cock and balls all combine to make Brenden a truly stunning man who`s perfect for the job.

After they stripped down and worked up their cocks, Brenden couldn`t help blurting out "Dude, that`s huge cock!" referring to his buddy Tucker. The time came to tell the guys that the girl didn`t show and that we were unable to get a replacement. Brenden was appalled at the alternative we offered him - double the money to do gay stuff...with ex fiance`s brother! After much talking he was willing to do a little reach over stroking of his pal. Of course Tucker was so ecstatic that we had to keep giving him glaring looks so that he`d wipe the smile (and the drool) off his face. And when we got to the required blow job scene and it was his turn, Brenden was so sickened by the idea that we had to turn the cameras off for several minutes! Once calmed down, he agreed to put his tongue on Tuckers big fucking, hard cock and see how far he could go. That first lick and sniff created a picture worth a 1000 words. With a scrunched up face, Brenden proceeded to suck on our Bait`s cock. Good thing he didn`t look up, because Tucker was in a heavenly trance with a big grin - he was living his fantasy. But, will he get the full treatment - his dream boy`s big dick pounding his butt? You`ll have to watch and see. However, we will tell you that when Tucker shoots a big creamy load on his stomach, our cameras catch straight Brenden intently watching in awe! Anyway, let`s hope Tucker`s sister never finds out. So, please, for both guys` sakes "Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell!" and don`t miss the post shoot interview. Members can see it directly after the video, for others it`s available in our blog for free.