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This scene starts out with two very hot boys. Nikko is our Straight guy, he`s 25,  5`8``, 165lbs of solid muscle and sports a nice 7.5`` cock with a big set of balls.  He`s tough and has a big mouth and seems to love saying ``shut the fuck up`` so much that if you play the drinking game using that phrase, you`ll be drunk on your ass by the end of the video.  Nikko answered our ad for a ``Production Assistant``, the guy who hands out the condoms and lube, etc, and was at our studio for his job interview.  AJ, is our Bait boy. This cutie is 20, 5`7`` with adorable green eyes and a killer smile which goes great with his beautiful, muscled body and 7.5 inch cock. AJ loves sex and is totally horny for a straight muscle dude.

Before you know it, Nikko`s job interview turns to the subject of sex and we quickly find out that he likes ``fat white girls`` because ``they can take a big dick``... well we`ll have to take his word on that one. Nikko is just loving the sex talk, so we ask him if he would like to be in some porn and he jumped at the idea - especially the extra money he`d earn. We told him his audition would be to strip down and get himself hard in front of another guy. His clothes flew off and our mouth`s flew open at the site of this muscular stud`s body. He was worked up in no time and that`s when we came in for the kill and told him he was going to be doing it with AJ. He flew off the handle and we thought we were in for a fight. But, with a little convincing and a lot of money we got him to allow AJ to blow him for 10 seconds...which turned to 10 minutes. It was rough going all the way - but we convinced him to suck AJ`s dick - and he did  - and he even agreed to let AJ fuck him! However, that didn`t last long. We heard lots of screaming and one big ``OUCH!`` as he jumped off the couch and was ready for a fight. He told us it really, really hurt. So, once he cooled down both guys did a side by side jack off. AJ soaked his entire chest with cum to such an extent that Robins told him he looked like a ``glazed donut`` - LOL. But, we think the funniest part was during the post shoot interview when Robins asks ``Is that a pillow you`re sitting on?`` To which Nikko answered - I told you my butt really hurts. OUCH!