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Power Bottom - Porn Dick

Our Bait guy Rod is a hot, masculine dude with a shaved head and a 5`11`` frame which holds 180lbs of pure muscle and a 7`` cut cock. We`ve briefed him on the situation and he`s ready to help us make our straight guy Logan do some really gay things!

Logan has recently broken up with his girlfriend, but he`s on the hunt for some new pussy. He prefers them with big boobs and a big butt...so what else is new? But, even though he doesn`t know it, the only butt we`re interested in is his and Rod is all too ready to pounce on this hottie.

Once we get our straight guy undressed and stroking his cock, we could only come to one conclusion - he`s got a Porn Dick - a big thick 8 inch porn dick. It`s so nice we spent a good 5 minutes talking about it. Once we clue him in to the fact that no girls are coming today, with just some resistance Logan agrees to try something with a guy for the first time in his life. And before you know it he`s on his back with this hot bodybuilder banging his butt like a jackhammer. It was rough and hard the entire time until Logan, moaning in ecstasy, blows a load all over his chest. Now that`s how to make a straight guy into a power bottom in 15 minutes!