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``Big Gay Vegas Buffet``

Maybe things are just bigger in Vegas or based on our recent video updates perhaps Robins and Caruso have been on a really big boy streak - as in tall and hung. In this video our straight guy, Derrick, is 6`5`` and sports a 9.5`` cock - now that`s big no matter how you look at him! Derrick has a long time girlfriend who is on vacation with him in Vegas. She gave him the morning off to visit the porn convention in town by himself - she should`ve thought twice about that. Little did she know that Robins and Caruso were trolling the aisles for straight guys. What better place to find them straight dudes then at a porn show full of short skirts and huge silicon boobs!

It didn`t take much convincing to get this now very horned up straight guy to return to the hotel with Robins & Caruso and the Bait boy Jake to make a porn video. Jake is a cute 22 year old guy with a beautiful 8.5`` cock and a body that says ``fuck me``. The only thing Derrick didn`t know was that Jake was going to be his sex partner in this movie - not a girl. Back in the hotel room, Derrick freely admitted he had thought about what it would be like to have sex with a guy and Robins assured him that he would know by the end of the day. Derrick took to gay like a duck to water. He even got fucked and came really quickly. Derrick said ``it was the best orgasm of my life`` to which Robins quickly responded ``I guess we served up the full gay buffet and you liked it all.`` And we bet it`s the best buffet he ever had on his Vegas vacation!