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``Why not get paid for it?``

So, here`s the scoop. Cliff our Bait guy for this video has been doing porn for a while now. He is a super hot 21 year old dude with 190lbs of very lean, long muscle on his perfectly proportioned 6`3`` frame. His blue eyes, brown hair, 8.5`` cock, and great personality rounds off this hot stud package. Cliff`s straight buddy since high school, Matthew, has been asking lots of questions about the movies his friend makes lately and admitted he was curious about gay sex. Matthew is quite the piece of ass himself. He`s also 21, he`s 6`, 175lbs with blue eyes and brown hair. He has a really nice body with a light layer of hair which he wears very well and a big thick 8.5`` cock which is almost a twin to his buddy Cliff`s. Well, with all that interest Matthew was showing, Cliff convinced him that it would be safer for him to experiment with his bud  - but ``why not get paid for it?`` That`s when he decided to call Robins & Caruso ... and it was on.

Right from the start the experienced Cliff gets very hands on with Matthew who himself is not shying away. Both guys sit side by side with their thighs pressing in to one another jacking off to get their dicks hard - it doesn`t take long before we are looking at two very big, thick, suckable erections. Standing side by side with their beautiful dicks and sexy bubble butts on display, one hairy, one smooth, just makes our mouths water. Matthew then gives his first blow job ever to his high school buddy and you can tell he`s very turned on - although later he was hesitant to admit it. When Cliff has the opportunity to swap and go down on his straight buddy - he really chows down - you can even hear his moans. And though he`s had plenty of hot sex with many guys - doing it with his straight bud is really turning him on. When we tells Matthew it`s time for him to lose his cherry - he appears shocked. He`s somehow under the impression (Matthew fibbed) that HE was going to fuck Matthew. With some convincing he agrees to try. And as he looks over at his buddie`s big, thick hard cock he says ``that`s not a training penis!`` How right he is. He howls a bit as he`s penetrated for the first time -but he manages a moaning finish with the entire 8.5 inches stuffed in his hot bubble but! This is one hot video.