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``Just like a pro.``

He might not have a banjo on his knee, but this straight farm boy from Alabama don`t need music to keep us entertained. Cole is 6` with blue eyes and blond hair and he`s got an 8 inch, thick instrument that would keep just about anyone happy! This guy is cuter than he is bright and don`t think we didn`t take advantage of that fact. He`s new in town and of course low on cash, so he replied to our ad for porn models. He tells us that many girls had told him that he should be in porn. When you get a look at his big, hard cock you`ll see those girls know their shit when it comes to recognizing a stud. So, we get him in the studio and Robins gives him the talk about getting hard to make sure he can get it up in front of another guy. He`s really taken aback with the forwardness and blunt instructions. So, Robins brings in the bait, an experienced bi porn star named Parker London. Parker is a bit gruff looking with facial hair and lots of tattoos - very masculine in appearance and voice - he`s cute, tall, built and hot with a great smile - just sexy as hell. Robins now tells Parker to show Cole how to ``do it like a pro``. Cole finally starts getting into it and when he`s in the horny zone, Robins gives him the opportunity to make some money by shooting a scene...but it`s with Parker - no girls. Although hesitant at first, triple the dough seems to be enough incentive to get Cole going. Before you know it, formerly 100% straight Cole is sucking dick and getting fucked ``just like a pro`` by Parker who simultaneously spit lubes and jacks Cole`s big dick to a mind blowing orgasm with cum flying over Cole`s shoulder. It`s now Parker`s turn to nut. He thinks we don`t notice as he slyly takes his hand already covered in Cole`s straight boy cum and uses it to lube his cock and bring himself off to a truly shattering end!