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BuddyLee (04/02/11)
Hunter would need no trickery to bag me, that's for sure! HOT.


``It`s the real thing.``

Our Latino straight guy, Diego, and his girlfriend have been fooling around lately with what some couples would consider kinky sex. She`s the aggressor and began using her own private time toys on his butthole - and hey - he said it wasn`t so bad. As a matter of fact Diego decided to take it to the next step at BaitBuddies.com. So, we matched up this hot blooded, well built hottie with Hunter, a pretty experienced bi-sexual stud. Hunter is a cowboy from Texas, he rides horse, hunts and all that good manly shit and knows how to use his 8`` shooter real good. He`s hot looking, built and sexy with his hazel eyes, brown hair and great smile.

Caruso is in charge of this gig and starts the guys off with some kissing. Then a flip flop blow job ending with what Diego came for in the first place - a good butt fucking, a stud`s real 8`` cock up his butt. And he really liked it-just watch the never ending smile on this boy`s face. After the video shoot was over, Caruso asked his preference - his girlfriend`s toys or Hunter`s cock - without any hesitation he answered "The real thing".