Straight: Eddie Blake
Straight: Jake Taylor
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``Dorm Dazed``

``Dazed`` is the word in this video - it describes poor, nervous, disoriented Eddie who`s about to have his first gay sex experience with his straight buddy and college roommate, Jake, who also happens to be a Gay4Pay model who works for Robins & Caruso. These two dudes are tight - they do everything together - they share majors, they share meals, sports, clubs, girls - you name it. And, after today they`ll be sharing spit, dicks, butts and lots of cum!

Both dudes are total freshman jocks. Jake is as hot as they come. He`s got the cutest face with longish brown hair and a smile to die for. At 23 he`s 5`10`` with 195lbs of hunky muscle and a beautiful, really hot, 7.5`` cut cock. Eddie is only 19 with guy next door looks, but when he removes his clothes he`s anything but! This dude has the most amazing body - he`s totally ripped and everything is in perfect proportion from his toes to his nose including a sexy 7`` cut cock which gets hard and stays hard from beginning to end.

When Eddie found out what his roomie was doing to pay for his books and extras he flipped. His straight roommate is blowing dudes and getting fucked while Eddie is breaking his neck stocking shelves at the local market. Although, being very straight laced himself, Eddie figured why the fuck not. Make what it takes him a week to make in that shit hole - in just a few hours. So, that`s how Robins & Caruso wound up in the dorms. Watch how nervous Eddie is kissing his roomie and eventually sucking his dick and then actually being in his hot roommates ass when he comes. He never even saw his roommate jack off or blow a load - now his dick can feel the pulsations as his buddy Jake blows a huge load all over his stomach and chest!