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``Turn it down!``

Turn it down! That`s what your boyfriend will be yelling when you watch a very cute straight, 24 year old, smooth, mop haired boy fuck our bait buddy, Cameron. It`s one very loud session as Jamie, our straight buddy, bangs the crap out of the blue eyed, blond haired, 20 year old, very well put together twink.

It all started when Jaime needed some money to make a payment on his Dodge Ram truck. He asked everyone he knew for a loan, even approaching an ex girlfriend who he told us was ``pretty wild`` when it came to sex. She told him about a site (BaitBuddies.com) that really got her rocks off - yes we do have lots of female fans - and that we were always looking for new straight guys. She suggested he contact us and would probably earn enough to make a few truck payments or more. We think the kinky bitch was more interested in seeing her old bf being turned out and made to have sex with another dude.

Well, it quickly came together in our studio. He was hesitant, but knew what he was in for. And it resulted in an extremely hot encounter you do not want to miss. They kiss, swap blow jobs and finally fuck. As Jaime penetrates Cameron`s cute butt the screaming begins. At first it`s from pain and then you can tell it`s mostly all pleasure and Cameron can`t seem to get enough. He`s so fucking turned on by the hot fuck that he wants Jaime to cum on his face. And, with mouth wide open, Cameron gets his reward, most of the white, hot, thick load is gulped right down, yet there was so much cum that the remainder covered his face and got into his eyes.   It had to be one of the biggest loads ever shot in the Bait Buddies studio!