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clark7465 (06/08/11)
Ari is very hot! I would like to see more cum shot scenes (from him) and more movies starring him.


``I won`t bite...``

``I won`t bite``, that`s what our very hot, blond haired, blue eyed Bait boy, Mike, tells our very skittish hot, muscular, Latino Straight target, Ari, as he moves away from Mike`s advances.  This is one very erotic scene for those of you love to see a straight guy have a first time experience with another man. With the normal formalities of a BaitBuddies video shoot out of the way and Ari now willing to give guy sex a shot, Mike begins to feel Ari up. Stroking his chest, legs and concealed cock through his underwear, Ari, not sure what to do follows suit and lays his hand on Mike`s well built chest and very innocently noticing the difference from feeling up girls says ``it feels hard`` referring to the hard muscles of a man. Then Mike moves in for a kiss on the mouth which Ari politely side steps by shifting his head to the side - too fast, too furious for this virgin dude. Next is the blow job. Watch as Ari`s reaction when Mike`s mouth touches his dick. He`s stunned and places his hands over his eyes to shield his mind from this new and stunning experience. Before long Ari is breathing hard and fucking Mike`s mouth. Then it`s time for the swap and Ari isn`t happy about it, saying ``my mouth, this tongue, on that``. But, he goes with the flow and then asks ``Is this how you do it?`` And before you know it he says he likes and comments ``tasty``.

The ending is super hot. With Mike kneeling at his feet, Ari jacks off a huge and we mean really big load onto Mike`s chest - this stud was really worked up. As the cum drips down Mike`s chest he lays back against the wall and starts jacking for his own happy ending. His long, muscular legs are stretched to the max, his six pack is tightening up and finally he groans out several times that he`s cumming and blows a load on his chest to mix with Ari`s thick juice. At the end, all Ari can says is ``I never thought I`d do anything like this!`` See we told you he doesn`t bite.