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"Fan Male"

We've received much email from Brenn Wyson fans - especially after his live show here on BaitBuddies.com when he erotically impaled himself on a large dildo and fucked himself silly to a huge cumshot. It wasn't Brenn's first experience with an artificial penis up his butt - his girlfriend first broke him in with a strap-on - and he loved it. So, we receive an email from one of Brenn's biggest fans, porn star Preston Steel, who tells Caruso that he'd love to replace that dildo with his own 7" cock. We've heard from many fans who want to see him get fucked, but Preston was the first to say he wanted to do to the job. And that's all we needed to hear to start making plans for just that to happen. Only it turned out even better than we could've hoped for. After some very erotic kissing, blowjobs and rimming, we get to see Preston shove his beautiful cock into Brenn Wyson's perfect butt and fuck the living daylights out of him. Brenn is a very verbal guy, so if you get off on lots of erotic dirty talk, you'll especially like this scene. Well, after pounding away at Brenn's ass, it's Preston's turn to take Brenn's big, thick 8.5' cock up his butt. And, with some wincing and multiple tries he finally does. Brenn really gets going, banging the shit out of Preston and jacking him off at the same time and begging Preston to "cum all over my chest" which Preston does and it's super hot. Then it's Brenn's turn and he rubs out a load you can always expect from Brenn, loud, lots and long! In the end Caruso asks Brenn "Are you going to tell your girlfriend?'', and Brenn just slides down on the couch and squeaks out "I don't think so". Maybe it's better she doesn't know. Let's just hope she doesn't read his fan mail.