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abebush (06/09/11)
Once again a guy with really hot nipples, and the nipples get completely ignored. I think the producers of this site are straight and have no clue what gay guys love to see.


"Cock Tale"

This is our tale about cocks and cocktails. It starts with our Bait guy Derrick Vinyard, a well known bi-sexual veteran porn star. If you're into ex-high school football jocks who sound and look the part, then you're going to love this movie. Derrick is a big beefy dude with a fat 7.5 inch cock. He's full of confidence, a bit cocky and has no problem barking out orders to our unsuspecting Straight guy, Binx, who arrived at the studio thinking he was going to do his first porn shoot ... with a girl.

Derrick wastes no time in telling Binx he needs to be comfortable if he's going to do porn because of the "DP" (double penetration scenes) and gang bangs where he's going to be rubbing up against other dudes. So, he says "bro - let's jerk off together", and as they get into it Derrik starts touching Binx and asks if he's comfortable "you know you gotta be able to touch another dude and keep your dick hard" as he reaches for Binx's dick and starts stroking. He then orders Binx to "stroke my dick harder" and Binx who seems to be under Derrick's hypnotic control, just goes along with it. Next, Derrik gets down on his knees and starts blowing Binx who's obviously getting into his first male blow job by commenting on how good it feels. Now it's Binx's turn - he's a little scared because he says he has a bad gag reflex. When asked to explain he says he gets brain freeze and gags on ice pops. Not so much with cocks as he takes Derrick's right to the root. He gets a taste of the pina colada lube on Derricks cock and tells us it tastes like a tropical cocktail. Whatever does it for you we think.

Finally it's down to the anal portion of our tale. When we ask Binx if he's ever had anyone play with his butthole, he says once when he was buzzed on cocktails he ex-girlfriend stuck a finger in, but he really didn't remember much about it. Well, Binx seems to really be into his cocktails with his sex, but drinking cocktails isn't in our tale - but our football jock, Derrik, orders him to turn around and get ready to get a cock in his tail!