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"Gym Meat"

Yes, they met in the gym, Larkin a Straight guy with a really big dick and great body,  previously on BaitBuddies.com (check out his video) and Alex, a young, 20 year old straight muscular guy with blond hair, hazel eyes and a 7.5 inch cock.  Larkin tells us that in the gym they talked a lot about sex with their girlfriends and that Alex is a bit kinky. Larkin believes that he can get Alex to have sex with him - so why not get paid to it? We couldn't agree with him more.  In reality this is a very personal story of two gym buddies exploring another side of their sexuality that would normally take place in private, but in this case we make it possible for you to be there with them. Warning: Turn your speakers down as this scene gets really, really loud!