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''Our Situation''

With David Hasslehoff - of the Baywatch days - as inspiration, our Jersey shore lifeguard, Ronnie - yes, the irony of his name is not lost on us - has stripped naked for his photo shoot and is displaying what can only be described his very own, very hot ''Situation''. When this very masculine - wait 'till you hear his voice - very straight, bodybuilder happened into our studio looking for work we knew he was going to be our next play thing on BaitBuddies.com. This real life, one time Jersey shore lifeguard is so confident and sure of himself he appears just as comfortable sporting nothing but his tattooed muscles as he is fully clothed and without hesitation tells us about the more kinky aspects of his straight sex life with his girlfriend including her playing with his butt hole and getting rimmed to his trysts with his girlfriend and a big boobed tranny.

We paired our straight super stud, body builder, Ronnie, with an experienced Bait Boy, the very hot and adorable Mike Rivers - no, we didn't miss the Jersey shore irony with his first name either. Since we know lifeguard boy is into pushing the sex envelope, we also know that he would be a pretty easy convert for us - and of course just a few extra bucks and he was ready to try his first sexual experience with another dude. The action gets super hot really fast as we quickly move him from stroking to sucking. Ronnie loves getting is cock sucked and for the first time ever, takes another guy's dick into his mouth. Then Ronnie gets his butt rimmed by Mike. What a sight watching Mike's tongue stabbing at Ronnie's perfect hole like he's found a new love.  Mike even says ''you have a beautiful asshole'' to which Ronnie says ''thanks'' - could you get any more romantic?  In the final scene, Ronnie is pumping the lust out of Mike's hot, tight, little bubble butt when in true sexual ecstasy he screams out to Mike ''Do you want me to cum all over you, baby!'' and then one right after the other they shoot explosive loads all over Mike's chest. Well, we may not have had a ''Joey'' or a ''Snooki'', but we sure did have one fucking hot ''Situation''!