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Straight: Leo
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Leo is a very straight, eastern European dude, sexy, built, covered in tattoos, hung 8 thick uncut inches and although he's been living in the U.S. for 13 years he still thinks just about everything American -- including the girls are ''Tight''. Well, we have news for Leo - he's going to be finding out that more than a Budweiser, football games and girls can be tight. This is Leo's first time on a porn set, but our Bait boy Max has been around the block doing both bi and gay porn. He's also a big fan of and straight boys - especially butch and uncut.  Now Leo is a tough dude. He told us during his interview he only does sex with girls - no kinky shit or he walks. So, we had to plan this one a bit differently. He really was hard up for money, like a lot of these young guys in a bad economy, so he did agree to a preplanned solo jackoff with another dude sitting on the same couch. This gave us some breathing room and an opportunity to push things in the direction we wanted to go - and of course we did.

So, both guys strip down and of course they both have sexy bodies and real nice size cocks. Leo has a real man's body, the kind of guy you'd see talking up the girls on a hot summer day with his t-shirt tucked into his back pocket - you will ''smell'' his masculinity through your monitor. Now they're jacking side by side, Leo is sporting a huge, thick boner and commenting on the pussy porn they're watching when Caruso chimes in with a proposition to make more money by giving the other guy a hand. Leo is not up for this - he says ''You're killing me!''. But, he needs the cash so he slides closer to a now very happy Max and reaches out to touch the first cock other than his own. After a some mutual masturbation, Caruso raises the ante again asking Leo to let the now ecstatic Max suck his dick. Leo goes through the straight boy disgust motions, but finally says ''it's about the money - I need the money''. And before he can get the last word out, Max is in his crotch lapping at that beautiful, rock hard piece of man meat while Leo has his eyes closed, head back and looks like he's trying to escape this uncomfortable situation by projecting himself into some old girlfriend's bedroom back in eastern Europe. Next, Leo is asked to return the favor and you can actually see the color go out of his face. He says he cannot put a cock in his mouth - he just won't do it. He said he'd rather eat Max's ass because and ass is an ass - girl or guy. We were floored and told him to go to it. He starts to finger Max's butthole and then licks his finger to lube it and starts playing with Max's hole again and finally he bends over and starts rimming the hole. He really likes Max's butt - who wouldn't as this kid has a beautiful smooth bubble butt which follows right down to a massive set of thighs and great legs with big calves all set below a 28 inch waist.

For sure, at this point Max, the very straight stud appears to have reached a point of no return, we had broken his straight spirit right then and there and knew he was ready for almost anything - as long as he was well compensated. From this point the action ramps up quickly and shockingly. We asked Leo to fuck Max and the next thing we knew his big thick cock is penetrating Max's hot butt and Leo, without our prompting, leans down and starts to make out with Max like he was fucking a chick. Leo takes Max in just about every position and pounds that boy's ass. Max is just moaning and groaning and truly in another world. While Leo fucks him, he grabs hold of Max's cock and jacks him off simultaneously. Finally Max can't hold out any longer and he shoots a giant hot, white load all over himself and Leo's hand. Leo continues fucking the boy's ass until he's ready to cum and asks Max where he wants it. Max wants it in his mouth on his face - wouldn't we all? And that's just where he gets it. When Leo is done he pulls Max's head back down on his cock for the deluxe clean up. Everyone in the studio is sweating and totally turned on. Tight!