Bait: Steven Ponce
Straight: DJ
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If you like see a hot straight guy squirm in a sexual situation you need to watch this video. DJ is as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs as having sex on camera is going to be a brand new experience for him. He wants to get into porn because he needs the money and the girls he fucks tell him that he's the ''best they ever had'' and they just love his big 8 plus inches of uncut cock. He's here for his screentest today and Caruso asks him to strip down - DJ responds nervously ''you mean everything'' - yeah we mean everything. WOW - what a body! This dude looks like he has 2% body fat. He's just beautifully proportioned of all tight, sinewy muscle with a great butt, big cock, hot hairy legs, ripped chest and eight pack with just the right amount of hair all topped with a handsome face, dark wavy hair and sexy middle-eastern olive colored skin. We tell him he'll have to be able to get hard in front of other people and a camera before we can put him in on set with a girl for a real porn shoot. He's yanking on his big cock for a while, but can't seem to get much blood flowing and says ''by now I should be hard as a rock''. Caruso can see he's getting a bit embarrassed and asks him if he knows what a fluffer is - he doesn't - so Caruso explains and says he'll check to see if the studio fluffer is around. Of course the fluffer is in and we know it's not a girl. Today it's one of our favorite Bait boys, Steven Ponce, our red headed cutie who craves straight cock. When Caruso brings Steven onto the set D.J. shouted ''he's a guy'' and did everything but jump on the couch and scream eek! This hot straight boy quickly covered his dick with his hands and then reached for his pants saying he's not into guys - he's not gay. Caruso quickly calmed him down enough to explain that Steven was the only available fluffer. You need to see the rest to believe it. DJ is just as nervous as can be as Steven starts slowly with a handjob - if there was a hole we think DJ would've crawled into it. Steven gets aggressive and starts blowing this straight boy and he's really into sucking this big cock. He doesn't even dare take his own clothes off. The rest we can't really describe other than to say DJ appears to forget who's sucking his dick once he gets in the zone and shoots a huge load all over Steven's face with some into his mouth.  If you're a straight guy fanatic - do not miss this one!