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"Lady Fingers & Milk"

At 21 yrs old, 5'10", a slender toned body, cute bubble butt, nice lightly furred legs with a big smile and blue-green eyes, our straight guy Alex is the boy next door. Alex answered our ad for erotic models and during his interview he told us that he loves getting massages. So, the bells went off in our heads and we decided to pull a bait and switch rub down. We tell Alex to strip off and lay face down on the massage table - what a sexy, mouth watering site that is. Then we call in the "girl" who is actually one of our most experienced bait boys, Tucker, who just returned to us after moving up north for a while. We're glad he's back as Tucker always like to push the action and this time it would be no different. The massage starts off with an innocent back rub and then moves down to the butt. This alarms our straight dude Alex who jumps up and for the first time sees that a dude is massaging him. He says "what the fuck is up - I expected a lady's fingers not some dude" and he starts to get up to leave. Well, it almost ends there, but Caruso calms him down, offers him more money and away we go. Before you know it Tucker is blowing Alex and then Alex agrees to suck Tucker off.  Tucker, who in the middle of getting blown pulls his cock from Alex's mouth and charges in for a deep tongue kissing session which the boy doesn't seem to mind. From there they go to a hot 69 and finally Caruso tells Alex to fuck Tucker. By this point our straight guy just wants to get off, get paid and get out. Alex starts porking Tucker who is just loving it and before long Tucker shoots a huge load - spurt after spurt past his shoulders and all over the place. Alex then pulls his beautiful 7" cock out of Tuckers butthole and asks him where he wants it. Tucker says his face - but knowing Tucker the target is likely more specific. As Alex is almost to the point of no return he has his big cock pointing right into Tucker's open mouth. Huge spurts of boy milk come flying out right into Tucker's mouth as he swallows every last drop. Now, please enjoy our "Lady Fingers & Milk" Our Bait Buddies sure did!