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'Boot Camp Buddies'

Corey Martin is back as Bait after a two year hiatus. He was away at boot camp - no, not the military - just a boot camp style workout program at his gym. And boy, the results are obvious just looking at him in a tank top. But when Caruso tells him to flex his guns, two huge biceps pop up and when he pulls the rest of his clothes off you can see that everything from his chest to his bubble butt has put on a new layer of muscle. Now muscle isn't the only thing he got out of boot camp - he also acquired a new buddy and they've become thicker than thieves in a fairly short time. Well, except for the fact Corey is gay and his new 'boot camp buddy' Tanner doesn't have a clue - but that will end today. Tanner is a super butch, super straight guy, but in the end obviously very open minded. He is good looking, built, has a great muscularly beefy chest covered with the right amount of hair and an equally hot smooth bubble butt. All that along with his deep voice, 6'1" height and athletic prowess makes him the picture of a man's man.

Tanner came to the studio this day because his buddy Corey told him that he can make good money in porn - he just had not yet told him it was going to be gay porn. He left that job to Caruso who is always happy to introduce a straight man to gay sex. Tanner is extremely nervous about doing porn and when Caruso breaks the news to him about doing something with Corey he didn't get mad but instead had this perplexed look on his face. He never, even after the sex, actually asks Corey about his sexuality. Anyway, the money is good enough and Tanner feels comfortable enough with Corey to go for it. He's very shy at first but once he gets into the horny zone Corey moves him through the process smoothly even pulling him in for his first man to man kiss which lasted for several minutes. We were really surprised in the end when Tanner agreed to let his buddy fuck him - after all that's a big thick 8" cock Corey is sporting. Tanner takes it like a man and once they get started Corey pumps Tanner's virgin bubble butt until he blows a thick load all over his chest and belly! Now Tanner's been trained in BaitBuddies.com 'Booty Camp' for straight guys.