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'Under the Boardwalk'

Under the boardwalk, that's where this week's straight guy Jake lost his virginity at the ripe young age of 16...lucky girl. Jake is a 21 year old olive skinned, dark haired, Italian hottie with a cute face and the fucking sexiest smile we've seen in a long time. He tells Caruso that the DP planned for this porn shoot was too gay for him - he doesn't like the idea of his cock rubbing against another dude's. Little does he know that his cock will soon be in places he never imagined. We paired him up with our new Bait boy Nick Thomspson a 6'2" blonde hair, blue eyed 19 year old who says he's bi and still fucks chicks, but now thinks he prefers dudes. Step one is getting them both stripped down and jacking their cocks. By having Jake watch pussy porn and get hard he will eventually be in the 'zone' and more receptive to Caruso's alternative which is having first time sex with a dude. And so it goes, when Caruso suggests the man on man sex alternative, Jake's first reaction is to immediately reject the idea. Caruso is always ready for that and gives him the low key talk about not having to be gay to fool around with another dude for money - girls do it all the time. Jake buys it and is ready to give it a try. Nick doesn't hesitate to start jacking his new buddy's big Italian cock which of course becomes a mutual activity. Next is swapping blowjobs and then some frottage. At this point Nick pulls Jake in for a kiss and this straight boy resists just a little and then seems to be thinking 'what the hell' and they start macking on each other like they were at their senior prom. From there we move to fucking and by then the guys are so horny they just jump into it. The scene ends with a power fuck by Jake, he really pounds Nick's butt...for a long time until they both cum - Nick on his belly and Jake on Nick's cock. Jake continues to milk his cock and when some more cum is hanging from the tip, Nick moves in and cleans off that beautiful Italian sausage with his mouth. Will Jake do this again...you can bet Nick's ass he will!