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'The Price is Right'

No, we're not giving away prizes - well that's not totally true as our cute Bait boy, Darren, is getting the prize of his life. Darren will be fulfilling a longtime desire, a roll in the hay with his childhood buddy, Straight boy, Jaques. Jaques a French Canadian stud with a hot body and a big, beautiful 10'' cock. Darren's a cutie himself, although slender, he has a great body, nice chest, respectable cock, great legs and and a real nice bubble butt. These boys have been tight buddies since elementary school and got into lots of trouble together when out of the blue Jaques' parents packed up and moved the family to Canada where he's lived until recently. The boys kept in contact during the years that they were separated, but are now together once again. And we're glad Darren came to BaitBuddies.com where he confessed to a lifetime crush on his buddy Jaques. It apparently started around puberty when Darren sneaked a peek at Jaques' dick in the gymnasium bathroom stalls. Little did Darren know at the time that his crush would turn into a well built stud with ten inches of cock. We had Darren invite a very willing Jacques to our studio to shoot a porn video where they double teamed a chick.

After the boys tell their stories, strip down and work their cocks for a while, it's time to break the news, no girls are available and the only alternative is for the two of them to make what is in essence a full out gay porn video. Straight boy Jacques is not happy. He's very verbal about being straight and not doing gay stuff. But, if you've seen our videos before you know that money and a little bit of cajoling can get most straight dudes to drop their guard and go for it. Finally, Jaques just blurts out ''for the right price'', and we know he's in. From there it's blowjobs - and Darren is quite a talent deep throating Jacques' 10 thick inches, while Jaques doesn't appear to have a problem with Darren's perfect 6'' plus piece of meat. But when it comes to kissing, Jaques just can't get into it, but it is pretty hot watching Darren try. That is all forgotten as Jaques penetrates Darren with his huge cock and pounds him in a few different positions. Darren is in ecstasy and keeps repeating ''thanks bro''. Jaques can't hold it back and is the first to shoot his hot straight boy load right on Darren's chest. This triggers Darren who is frantically jacking off and shoots all over his belly. After the shoot, the boys discuss the experience with Caruso who asks Jaques if he'd consider doing something like this again, to which he replies ''if the price is right''. We think Darren would tell you that fulfilling a lifetime desire like Jaques is priceless!