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''Take 1''

'Take 1' usually comes before Take 2, but not here at BaitBuddies.com. Take 2 was the 3-way video from a couple of weeks back with straight guys Joe Parker and Johnny Glyserin, a porn newbie who double dick (hence the Take 2) Travis, a hot bi dude. This time around, Johnny, that hot hunk of 100% straight Texas beef who did his first gay4pay scene ever, is back and is going to try taking his first dick(thus the Take 1). You won't want to miss watching this all man stud spread his huge thighs to take his first cock. What happened is that Johnny contacted Caruso just a few days after his 1st shoot and he was actually eager to come back in and explore more with his ass.  After doing the double penetration and seeing how much Travis like having his ass played with, he thought he should explore more with his ass.  The previous day Caruso was contacted by Josh, a cute straight country boy from Tennessee, willing to have sex with a guy on camera because he heard it paid more money than straight porn.  Someone he knew told him to call Caruso for work.  Once Caruso heard from Johnny, he called up Josh and told him that he had another straight guy that he recently shot who wanted to explore doing more with a guy and he felt that Josh would be a good fit for Johnny. That done, the shoot was set and after a short conversation with the two 19 year olds, Caruso lets the boys go directly to work. We're surprised when Johnny becomes the aggressor and reaches for Josh's cock and goes directly to sucking him off. Josh returns the favor, hesitantly at first, but he appears to get into it. This is followed by a short make out session - a new experience for Josh who pulls back at bit at first. Now Johnny is anxious to get to the fucking, so being the man he is, he just takes control again by having Josh sit on the couch while he crouches over the teen's cock and slowly lets it penetrate his butthole. He quickly gets over the initial shock of having something in his butt and you can tell he's enjoying it. Next, Johnny gets on his back and lifts those huge muscular legs up to give Josh access to his hole. Josh starts fucking him and it doesn't take long when without warning he rips off his rubber and shoots a load on Johnny's manly, flat belly. Johnny then starts to wank himself like a jackhammer until he shoots off on his own stomach - you'll be turned on by how fucking loud this big masculine jock is when he cums. To top off this highly erotic moment, Josh is jacking his still hard cock and keeping it right near the tip of Johnny's cock and when Johnny cums, some of it hits Josh's cock. Josh and is so turned on by Johnny's cum, that he uses it as lube to jack his cock and he shoots his second load only a minute or so after his first. So, maybe this is 'Take 2' ... or 'Take 1', Johnny's 1st cock, Josh's 2 loads, maybe that equals 'Take 3'?  Doesn't matter what you call it, it's way fucking hot!