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''Curiosity Caught the Cock''

''Curiosity caught the cock'' is a direct quote from our returning straight guy, Damian Taylor, in response to Caruso mentioning his first experience with gay sex at BaitBuddies.com. We guess that 'curiosity caught the cock' for the third time with Johnny Glyserin, now that he's agreed to come back and hook up with Damian. After seeing them fuck, you might say it's match made in heaven, but actually it's a match made in my own horny head. And isn't it great to have the resources to make my own fantasy come true! Both guys are looking hot as hell. Johnny is just your typical straight guy, kind of unaware of just how appealing he is, great looking, fair skinned and hairy with a beefy muscular body and butt, but doesn't really care if he carries and few extra pounds - and on him it just fits. He's the straight guy you see in an airport, with his girlfriend at a restaurant or working in your office - you try to imagine what he looks like with his clothes off to see just how good his stuff his. And as you can see with Johnny - it's damn good! Damian, our other returning straight boy is a total contrast to Johnny, he has beautiful caramel colored skin, a lightly haired, tightly toned body and a perfect bubble butt. Both men know what they're here for - hot man on man sex with a bonus first time bottoming for Damian. The video comes in on the guys fully clothed, they're watching and discussing pussy porn about cheerleaders. Caruso enters the scene and chats the guys up for a couple of minutes and then lets the two straight boys go at each other without further comment. They are stripped down and hard when Johnny pulls Damian into him for a hot steamy make out session which quickly transitions to swapped blowjobs that both of them are really enjoying. The best is saved for last, the flip flop fuck and Damian's 'deflowering' by Johnny. We won't go into details here, but it was so fucking hot, and Johnny fucks Damian so fucking hard, that he's still trying to catch his breath after their shower! Watch this super hot session between two super hot straight guys and we're pretty sure that by the end you'll be breathing hard to!