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''Soccer Team Fuck Fantasy''

Chase is a cutey. He's the new face in Bait Town. Just turned 18 and recently out of high school, Chase tells Caruso about his big straight guy fantasy - getting rough fucked by one of his soccer team members. Well, Caruso wasn't about to track any of those guys down, but he was prepared to give Chase the next best thing, and that's 22 year old Jay. Jay is straight and at 6'1'' has a sexy athletic body and almost 8 inches of uncut cock. Caruso asks Jay about his sexual experiences, and from his answer we can tell he's no stranger to pussy. He's even had a threesome with two girls.  Caruso tells him that today he's going to have a threesome with Chase and one girl. He seems up for it, so that's step one in the'Baiting' process we can mark complete. Of course the guys strip down and jack to some porn while Caruso goes to get the 'girl' - as if we didn't already know it - the girl is a no show. Since he is unable to secure another chick for the video, Caruso generously offers the guys more money to have sex with each other as the only alternative to leaving without a paycheck. When Jay hears this, he pops up from the couch, picks up his shorts and covers his family jewels - as if that's going to protect him here at Bait Buddies. Chase chimes in and says he's willing to do it(suprise-LOL)and Caruso explains to Jay that it's no big deal - after all it's just like 'acting'. Next thing you know, Chase is stroking Jay's big uncut cock which is soon followed by a blow job. Jay takes his turn at sucking cock and doesn't do a bad job. Now Caruso tells Jay to check out Chase's ass and he agrees it's pretty hot and he's up for his first gay fuck. So, Caruso tells Chase ''why don't you just climb right on'' ... and he complies, shoving that cock right up to the hilt and riding it hard. They change positions, Chase on his back and Jay pounding the boy's hot butt until Chase shoots his hot load on his own balls and splatters some on his flat belly. Well, Jay is ready to pop also, he jackhammers his big cock and shoots so hard that the first two spurts splat on Chase's face. To us it looked like some of it disappeared into his mouth. Out of nowhere, Chase sits up and pulls Jay in for some kissing, apparently to say 'thank you' for a fantasy fulfilled!