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''Flipping OUT''

Our straight guy in this video, Aaron, is a 23 year old gymnast. He's been training and competing for 16 years and that's no surprise when you see his tight compact bod, muscular legs and rock hard bubble butt. He's not competing currently, so he's not shaved down and has a light covering of hair from his chest to his legs. Since he was in between competitions he started training at a gym in order to bulk up a bit. That's where he ran into our bait guy, Jake Taylor, who became his trainer. Jake isn't new to BaitBuddies, but we're always happy to have him back as he has a beautiful muscular body, a handsome face and real nice 7.5'' cock. Hearing that Aaron needs to make some money, Jake tells him about his second job making porn. Aaron is excited and can't wait to fuck some pussy for cash. He loves red headed girls and tells us he knows his way around a vagina (little good that'll do him this day). Caruso asks the boys some questions and when the talk turns to gymnastics, he asks for a demonstration which Aaron is happy to give and the boy just flips right in place - pretty amazing. Then the guys strip down, no different than in the locker room so Aaron is pretty comfortable with that, and they start to work themselves up. Aaron's having a bit of a tough time jacking and getting it up with another dude sitting next to him and tells Caruso he's a bit nervous, but Jake is hard as a rock and raring to go. Caruso goes to 'get the girl', but low and behold she won't be able to perform. The only money making option is for the boys to fuck around with each other. Aaron says no at first, but his buddy convinces him there's nothing to it - it's just sex. Aaron finally gives in and lets Jake start stroking him. After Jake strokes and sucks the hot gymnast, it's Aaron's turn - and boy does he get into it! It's like he discovered a side of himself that he never knew was there. His attraction to Jake becomes very obvious - especially when Jake goes in for a kiss and there's no resistance. Aaron goes for it like he was starved for Jake's tongue. It's now time for fucking. Caruso figures the kid is so hot for Jake, why not have Jake fuck him. When he asks, Aaron tells Caruso that his girlfriend had fingered his butthole and he really liked it. Once you see Aaron getting fucked, you'll know just how much he likes his hole penetrated. Watch Aaron's eyes, he totally gets off on looking at that big, gorgeous hunk, Jake, while he's getting his hot butt pounded. Aaron shoots his load with Jake's big cock inside him. Jake pulls out and dumps his load on his bud's cock. So, don't miss Aaron 'Flipping OUT' with his super hot buddy Jake!