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Brian's Song

We can't figure out why Caruso wanted the video title to be 'Brian's Song' other than it's a catchy TV movie title that would be a far stretch to fit this scene, but we'll go with it anyway as it sounds good. Brian is our Bait boy for this video, a hunky, hung stud with a 9'' cock. Brian came to BaitBuddies.com over a year ago as our Straight guy, but soon found out he swings both ways, so this is his second time as our Bait. Our straight guy this week is Jace, a ruggedly handsome outdoorsman with muscles to spare who also has a big thick 9'' cock. Jace of course thinks he's about to make some easy money pulling a three way with Brian on some hot blond bimbo. But we never let that happen at Bait Buddies, instead we pull the bait and switch as Caruso tells Jace that the girl didn't show. When he finds out that the only way he'll get paid is to have sex with Brian, he's ready to hit the road. But, after Caruso offers him TRIPLE the money to have gay sex, he rethinks things and even tells us that he's thought about it, but never acted out on it. So, Brian tells him to ''go with what you're thinking'' and before we know it they're in a lovers embrace making out like high school sweethearts.  Brian's cock never gets soft - it stays rock hard throughout the scene. That boy is ready for some hot sucking and fucking and is soon on his knees slurping at his new man's big cock. Jace then takes his turn sucking his new buddy's cock and is quickly admonished by Brian for using his teeth. He turns out to be a quick learner and ends up doing a respectable job for a first timer. Brian is now super horny and suggests that Jace put that big 9incher where it belongs - and wants to go - in his hot, firm bubble butt. Jace really gives our Bait a good fucking in several positions until Brian can no longer take it and screams out that he's cumming - watch him as he can't take his eyes off of Jace and shoots a nice load on his sexy torso. Next, Jace rips the rubber of his 9incher and jacks a load that covers Brian's chest up to the neck. Both boys, sweaty, cummy and fully satisfied, dart off to the shower.