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''Art Project''

The first piece of art in this video is our straight boy, Kip. What a beautiful, manly hunk he is! Kip is 26 years old, 6'3'' and 205lbs of solid, well placed muscle topped off with blue eyes, long surfer boy hair, a movie star face and a big, fat 8'' cut cock that's perfect in every way possible. What completes this package called Kip and makes him an ultimate dreamboat, is his cool confidence, masculine voice and attitude. Kip surfs by day and bounces rowdy chicks and dudes at a titty strip bar in south Florida at night to pay the bills. He says he's single but skims plenty of hot Latina pussy from the bar and the beach. Well our ad, ''Hiring well built and endowed masculine guys to work in adult videos with the finest women in the business. Make quick $$$'' caught Kip's attention. He figured it would fit in great with his lifestyle. He emailed us his photo to which Caruso replied within two minutes, calling him in for an interview later that day. When Kip showed up, we found out it was no illusion - this straight guy was even hotter than his photo. We got him health tested and cleared through our lab as fast as possible and he was in the studio shortly after where we hooked him up with a brand new Bait boy, Tanner. Tanner is working his way toward an MBA in marketing at a local university. The ad he answered was a little different, a lot different than what attracted Kip, something like ''Looking for hot bottom boys gay adult video, make quick $$$ doing what you love best!''.  Caruso thought Tanner would be the perfect non-threatening match for Kip and he was not only willing to take the biggest cock we could find, but anxious, as his studies don't leave him much time for sex.  So, Tanner is already sitting on the couch and in comes Kip with such straight boy swagger that it will take your breath away. Caruso chat's them up for a little and then gets their clothes off. Tanner is cute, has a nice fit bod, he's above average bottom boy fare that just about anyone would love to fuck. But, Kip is truly straight man star quality and built for sex - he reeks of it. From the time Tanner sees him, he never gets soft - neither did anyone else in the studio for that matter. It's not too long before Caruso delivers some cockamamie reason why the girl didn't show. He makes the standard BaitBuddies.com offer of double the money for the boys to have sex with each other as their only alternative to leaving without a paycheck. Kip is very laid back about it. After the initial shock wears off, it appears that he's more interested in the money than the fact that he's going to have sex with another dude. It doesn't appear that Kip thinks too far out of moment or too deeply into it - but who the fuck cares what he thinks when he looks like that! One thing Kip does know is that his shit is good - real good and he won't do it for less than triple the original agreed upon amount. At that point everyone was so hot for Kip, that Caruso wasn't going to pass this up at just about any price. Without going into specifics, the sex is super hot. Kip proves he can suck cock with the best of them and doesn't mind a short make out session with our lucky Bait boy Tanner. Kip fucks just like you'd think he would, confident and hard and you can see the ecstasy on Tanner's face as he gets the cum fucked out of him. Caruso tells Kip ''cum all over him'' and boy does he! Kip shoots what seems to be a stream of never ending pulses of hot, white, creamy cum all over Tanner's chest and belly leaving Caruso to remark that it looks like an ''Art Project''.  Looks like a masterpiece to us - don't miss this one!