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''Chemistry Experiment''

As first time gay experiences go, most have never been more real and natural than Robby's! Robby is straight, a bit quirky looking with a tight, slender but very fit body and a cute tush he's acquired through scuba diving and swimming. Robby is 20 years old and in college and that's where he met our other other ''Straight'' guy, Vance, a chemical engineering student, in a chemistry class about two years ago. Vance Crawford is his full name and you might know him from his many gay4pay appearances in gay porn. He's handsome and built like an Adonis with almost perfect proportions. Check out his legs, we know guys who would give their left nut for a set of perfect calves like his - not to mention his beautifully shaped 7'' cock. The guys became close friends and eventually confided the most personal details of their lives in each other. When Robby learned what Vance did for a living, gay porn, he admitted that he was curious about gay sex, sucking cock and would even like to try and get fucked. Now Robby, even though he's kinda cute, isn't exactly Vance's ''type' - Vance has sex with who he wants and he has absolutely no trouble getting it. But, Robby being his friend and porn being his business, he makes a proposition to Robby. ''Being that we're buddies, I'll help you experiment with gay sex, you do it with me on video and we'll both make some money''.  Robby was excited with the idea and that's where BaitBuddies.com comes in. Vance has known Caruso for quite a while and called him with the proposition and of course he quickly agreed to film it.

After the normal chit chat on the couch, the boys strip down and Vance starts talking out loud about how he likes to hump a bed or a couch to get himself hot when he's alone. So, Caruso tells him to demonstrate. This hunk of a boy gets face down on the bed and starts telling us and showing us how to hump like your pumping your cock in and out of a hole. This guy is so built and so sexy it's just really hot to watch him make himself hard showing us this normally private thing he does. Robby isn't missing the erotic aspects of the demo either as he strokes his growing cock while watching his buddy hump the couch. Now hard, Vance stands up and pretty much orders Robby to suck his cock. The boy can't get onto it fast enough. He does a really good job and says he likes it. They switch places for a while and Robby gets his first 'gay' blowjob. Then it's on to some butt play. Robby presents his cute round butt to his buddy Vance who spreads the boy's cheeks open to check out his hole and remarks ''It's the tightest hole I've ever seen!''...and we'd have to agree. He tells Robby to try to open it up with his fingers, but Robby is finding it very tough to do even with plenty of lube. So, Vance decides to rubber up and go right in with the real thing. He tries several times to stick his big cock in the boy's virgin hole, but without success. He said he got the head in ''but his tight hole just torpedoed it right back out''.  Robby had enough, it hurt and he said he was done with trying to bottom.  Vance decides to try something else with the boy, who now has a very nervous look on his face. He tells Robby to close his eyes and he goes in for a kiss. You can tell Vance is a great kisser, he knows how to get a man going. And when they're done, Vance says ''that got you going didn't it?''. With Robby all hot and bothered, Vance orders him on his knees to suck his cock. Robby is really into it and before you know it, Vance pulls out and shoots a hot load all over Robby's chest. Robby is in a bit of shock. It's obviously the first time a guy has spunked on his body, you can see his discomfort with it as starts to grab for something to wipe it off, but realizes he wasn't told to do that, so he pulls back and waits for instructions. Vance has him sit back on the couch and tells Robby he's going to eat his own cum off his chest. Don't miss the look on Robby's face when he realizes what's happening - it's a look of total shock. However, Robby is so turned on that he quickly jacks off his own hot load. When Vance tells him to taste it, he just says ''that will never happen''. After the shoot, when Caruso asks Robby when he'll try to bottom again, he shoots back ''never!'' But, he says he is up for more experimenting with Vance off camera... who wouldn't be!