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''Good Fucker''

Let's start off with our sexy Bait boy. Jarred is new to BaitBuddies.com, he's 26, stands 6 feet, masculine, has a fit tight body with great proportions and a real nice 7.5 inch cut cock. When Caruso surmises that he works out because of his hot bod, Jarred tells us ''no'', he eats pizza and fast food and he's just blessed with a great metabolism. We kill ourselves to stay in shape, eat salads and chicken breast, run and lift weights so we can get laid - and for him it's just his natural state. We don't know whether to be happy for him or to hate him - LOL - but that's just life...and genetics.  On the other end of the scale is our very hunky straight muscle stud, Cooper. It's also Cooper's first time at BaitBuddies.com. He's built like a dream, has a big 7'' cock and the most beautiful blue eyes which are complemented by his alluring smile. We feel a little better about the fact that at least he has to work out at the gym and run 6 days a week to maintain his fabulously sexy body. It makes life seem a little bit more fair :-).  The two boys shake hands and Caruso fills them in on what is to be a three way with a hot girl that will include a DP (double penetration). Cooper is up for it - he tells Caruso ''I'm a good fuck!''. But, we'll be the judge of that after we see him in action. Both of the guys get hard really quickly after showing off their hot bods and jacking their cocks while watching some pussy porn. Oops! ''The girl can't make it'', reports Caruso, but of course he has another option. However, when Cooper hears that he'll have to have sex with Jarred to make double his original fee, the hunk tells Caruso no way ''I'm straight!''. As usual, once you get their clothes off and their dicks hard, they're thinking with a brain full of Dopamine which causes the crazy cravings for sex and orgasm, so pushing these straight guys over the edge isn't too difficult at that point. And so it goes with Cooper - he's in. Pretty full of Dopamine himself and lusting after Cooper, Jarred wastes no time in grabbing Coopers big, perfect, rock hard cock. Watch Cooper flinch as he feels the first man hand ever to touch his cock! The cock sucking was super, Cooper returns the favor and does an admirable job of getting most of Jarred's 7.5 inches down his throat. Finally, what we think is the hottest part of the video, the fucking. Jarred is primed and ready to go, he sits right down on Cooper's waiting cock and rides that thing as Cooper humps his cock as deep as he can into the boy's hot lubed asshole. Next, Jarred is on his back, and not even 20 seconds after Cooper penetrates his hot throbbing hole, Jarred says ''I'm ready to cum already''. Cooper speeds the intensity of his thrusting up a bit until Jarred can't hold back any longer - he shoots a hot, slick load onto his flat, hairless belly. That pulls Cooper's trigger and he pulls off his rubber and moans like crazy as he jacks a big load all over Jarred. When Caruso comments that he did a great job getting Jarred off, he says ''I told you I was a good fucker''. Ain't that the truth!