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Busting Kip's Cherry!

Blond 6'3'' muscle hunk, Kip, the titty bar bouncer, is back and we couldn't be more excited! He's returning for even more cash and Caruso is going to make him work for it. Kip is a pretty open minded guy. Last time we spoke with him he told us that he's let girls play with his hole and liked the feel of a finger. So, Caruso asked him if he would bottom this time and without any fuss whatsoever Kip agreed. However, he asked Caruso if he could bring his friend who he met working at the titty bar and do it with him. He told Caruso that his friend Andrew worked there for only a week when he was fired on the spot for hitting on the male half of a straight couple. Yes, Andrew is bi, but we later learn that he's mostly into dudes these days. Andrew is cute and has a tight, muscled body, but on the small side compared to Kip. Not much of a personality either, but whatever makes Kip comfortable enough to bottom will have to work for us. It's not important to go into all the sexual details since fans of the site already know there's likely going to be mutual blowjobs, a little frot, kissing... and of course fucking - and the fucking is the most interesting part of the story as this is Kip's first time. While Kip is preparing to get fucked, we learn that he took the time to ''pre lube'' his virgin hole and that he wants to watch a video he prepared, a 3 way straight anal scene on his phone while he gets fucked. Caruso can only wonder 'why that scene'? Does Kip want to imagine he's the girl getting fucked by two hot studs - who knows - guess that will stay locked up in Kip's head for now. Anyway, once Andrew's cock finally pushes it's way into Kip's tight hole, it seems that the almost instant pleasure makes him forget about the porn playing on his phone and you can see him mouth and whisper ''oh God!'' from the shear pleasure of his first time fuck. And, if you get off on cum shots, just watch Kip shoot a massive THICK white load all the way up his chest, onto his neck and finally landing right on his lips. This time he sticks out his tongue and gives it a couple of licks! Don't miss Kip's super hot, first time fuck!