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''From Top to Bottom''

Truly a man's man, Joe Parker is back, and for the first time ever he will bottom on Bait Buddies. And, better yet - he selected Logan Vaughn as his top. While super sexy Joe has been on the site several times, Logan Vaughn is returning for only his second appearance. Logan first came to us after a break up with his girlfriend, a kinky chick who taught him that his butt was a very erotic place that could give him a lot of pleasure. So, when he came to do pussy porn and we baited him into sex with another dude - once he got past the 'gay thing' it was pretty easy to get him to bottom for the bait guy. This was his first introduction to Gay4Pay and since then he's gone on to a very successful career as a Gay4Pay porn star. Yet, if you ask Logan, he'll tell you that he's not attracted to dudes, he just loves getting fucked, but only does it on camera and for cash. On the other hand, you can tell right away by the bulge in Joe's shorts that he's totally turned on by his buddy Logan - who wouldn't be! Holy shit, he's bigger, more buff and just beefy enough - not to mention his blond hair and good looks - to turn anybody on, girl or guy! Joe can't wait to get his hands on Logan and quickly pulls the hunk into a make out session which we could've watched for much longer. But, Joe is too horny and needs to strip Logan down and grab onto his hot bubble butt as he swallows the boy's beautiful 7'' cock. Logan returns the favor and does a reasonable job on Joe's 9'' piece of perfect man meat. But, we are all anxiously waiting for the main event - but definitely no one more than Joe himself. His hole is pulsating to feel Logan penetrate his little used, firm bubble butt. And what a fuck it is, starting from doggy style which quickly has Joe groaning and shifting to Joe sitting on Logan's cock. Joe fucks himself good, bouncing on the blond's dong.  We can all tell Joe isn't going to last long and soon enough he is yelling out that he's cumming. Joe then lets go with the biggest cum shot we've seen from him yet - Caruso may have to charge him for cleaning all that hot cream out of his couch. Joe's orgasm saps him of energy and he collapses to the couch, but he's not done yet. Joe reaches over to buddy Logan and wraps his big masculine hand around beefy boy's cock and starts jacking it. Logan is so turned on that in less than a dozen strokes he shoots his load all over his chest. We are all a bit shocked as Joe bends over and licks up some of Logan's cum. Caruso asks him why, as it's really not like Joe to do something like that. Joe says ''it's out of character for me, but in the moment - I just got the urge'', and who can blame him? Watch Joe go from top to bottom and we think you'll get the urge too!