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Straight: Nick
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''Spice Boys''

Two hot and spicy straight boys from very different cultures create some hot and steamy, cum dripping gay sex.  Some of you are familiar with straight hottie Ethan as he has been a past straight dupee, if there is such a word, on He's a Creole country boy from the bayous of Louisiana where the weather, the food, and the boys are extremely hot. Ethan is as cute as they come with a sexy, smooth, perfectly proportioned body and big, thick 7'' cock, probably a product of his Native American/Italian ancestry. Our other dude, Nick, is a newbie, a straight Cuban boy whose plentiful muscles are covered with lots of tatts. Being from Miami, he is no stranger to hot weather, hot spicy food and as he claims - lots of hot Cuban pussy. And, don't confuse Cuban with Latina - he's very specific and very proud about his Cuban heritage as well as his Cuban preference for girls. While Nick isn't very tall, every ounce of muscle is distributed to the right place and he certainly wasn't cheated in the cock department either with his 7.5 inch thick ''Cuban'' tool. And, Nick can get a bit kinky, he said he's had more than one three-way with a girl and a buddy, but even without being asked, when it comes to his buddy he says ''but no touch''. And, we know what that means - we might have a bit of a problem on our hands when he finds out what he's really here for...his first gay sex.  Nick might be considered a little kinky, but Ethan is another story altogether. Since he was broken in to gay sex during his first video, he has really gone to the wild side...accompanied by a very kinky and sexually charged girlfriend who is as beautiful as he is. Since that video, she's fingered his hole and fucked it many times with a dildo and as a gift to him, if he's a good boy, she lets Ethan fuck her in the butt. Ethan is also an exhibitionist, he loves to show off his stuff and have sex in public places. And, he's lucky enough to have a girl who plays with him. He tells us they go to the mall and fuck in changing rooms - and you know damn well the people outside know what's going on. Especially, he tells Caruso, when the door ''accidentally'' flies open. OK, so Caruso has the boys stripped down watching pussy porn and jacking their big ol' cocks on the couch as he breaks the news that the girl didn't show. He then offers the standard deal of double the money if the guys fuck around with each other. Nick is not a happy camper, he quickly shakes his head in the negative, saying ''I'm not into that shit'' and tells Caruso that it's bullshit because he traveled to the studio to make money fucking pussy and there's no girl. Finally after some talking and the fact that Ethan ''agrees'' to do it, Nick falls in line and says OK. Not to lose any momentum, fearing that Nick might change his mind, Caruso asks Nick ''Can Ethan give you a hand?'' to which he responds ''Go for it''. Ethan reaches over for Nick's now soft cock and strokes it back to it's ''pre-gay sex talk'' 7.5'' hardness.  Nick is instructed to do the same for Ethan and he does. He can't deny to Caruso that it feels good getting stroked while watching porn, even if it is another dude. We soon progress to blowjobs and when it's Nick's turn he does pretty good - just about deep throating Ethan's thick Creole cock when asked by Caruso. The boys then stand up to compare cock sizes and Ethan goes in for a kiss as previously instructed by Caruso. At first, Nick backs away, but Ethan doesn't give up and this leads to a very hot french kissing session between the two of them. Next is the fucking. It's the first time Ethan will be penetrated with the real thing instead of manually with a rubber dildo, and he seems pretty hot about the idea. His hungry, pulsing butthole has been well trained by his girlfriend and easily takes the full length and girth of our hot straight boy's big Cuban cock. The boys finish off with Ethan on his back and Nick pumping him like he was tapping just another Cuban pussy. Ethan moans and blows his hot spunky load onto his rock hard stomach. Nick then pulls off his rubber and jacks a HUGE load all across Ethan's torso.  Two loads of hot white cum against Ethan's beautiful caramel skin is as spicy hot as it gets! Enjoy the ''Spice Boys'' at