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'The Dumber the Better'

That's what Rikk (short of Ricardo), a straight beefy, hot Latino hunk tells us - he loves white girls and 'the dumber, the better'. We think he means the more compliant the better... just get on your back, let me fuck the crap out of your pussy and keep your mouth shut. Our returning Bait boy, Aaron hears all this and is smiling from ear to ear, because as soon as he can, he'll be on his back getting the crap fucked out of his pussy by Rikk and he can't wait.  We have a pretty good idea that once you see Rikk in action, you might want to line up right behind Aaron. After the guys go through their preliminary screen test to make sure they 'qualify' to fuck on cam, Caruso breaks the news - there's no girl to be had - so their only option to make money is to have sex with each other or go home as broke as they came. Rikk lets Caruso know right away ''it's not really my thing'', but it doesn't take long for us to talk him into at least trying. So, Aaron grabs the Latino hunk's almost 8'' plantain shaped cock and starts stroking it and Rikk just says, to nobody in particular ''this is so weird'' referring to the first time another dude, other than his family doctor ever touched his cock. The sex escalates rapidly, Rikk takes his turn stroking Aaron's thick cock and then Aaron shows Rikk what a gay blow job is like. Rikk returns the favor and hesitates at first, but catches on pretty quickly - Aaron tells Caruso that it's pretty good for a first time cocksucker. Aaron is so turned on that he goes in for a kiss which Rikk initially turns away from - it appears that he's embarrassed to kiss another dude in a sexual manner. But, with some pushing from Caruso the boys start making out like they were on their first date.  Once Caruso moves them on to the fucking portion of the ''seduction'' Aaron hops on Rikk's cock and literally absorbs it up his tight hole as Rikk throws his head back as he experiences for the first time how hot and tight another dude's butthole can be. You can see that Aaron is in total ecstasy from the first moment of penetration and that he's totally into Rikk, exploring his body with his hands when the pleasure isn't too overwhelming for him to do so. He also grabs Rikk's head and pulls him for some kissing - a couple of times while his ass continues to get pounded. Rikk then puts Aaron on his back just like he does with those dumb bitches, shoves his dick into Aaron's boy pussy and fucks that dude like the big, straight, pussy loving, beefy hunk he is - just like Aaron likes it. Whenever Aaron opens his eyes, they are completely focused on his hot Latino lover, he caresses Rikk's body and pulls him in for a harder fuck until he finally jacks like a madman and shoots his load. Rikk then gets on his knees and jacks a stream of hot, Latino cum onto Aaron, catches his breath and leans down and in the moment, gives Aaron a kiss on the lips! Caruso asks Aaron how it was and he's in such a state of post orgasmic ecstasy from his man fuck that he's actually speechless. The boys then get into the shower to clean off all that sweat, saliva and cum... and you can see the rest in  ''After the Shoot''.  Enjoy!