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''ALL STAR BUDDIES #2 - So Sexy''

This is part two of the ''All Star Buddies'' limited series in which Caruso has brought back some old friends, Straight boys and Bait boys who have performed on the site or had wanted to, but never quite made it into one of our videos before, and hooked them up for some very hot and sexy scenes. We hope you enjoy them.

If you're a Joe Parker or a Cameron Kincade fan, you're going to love this video. If you're a fan of both, you're going to be in love and head over heels.  Even if you don't know who they are, it's pretty good bet that you should have a tissue, towel or dirty sock ready, because we don't think there'll be a dry dick in the house.  Both guys started out as straight on BaitBuddies.com and are now gay4pay, Joe always considered himself a bit on the bi side, but is now dating a dude and Cameron is currently dating a girl - go figure.  You know what they say ''double your pleasure, double your fun'', ''the more the merrier'', ''the best of both worlds'' - when you look like Joe or Cam, both sexes are lining up at their door. Initially, unknown to both guys, these two hot studs pretty much selected each other for their ''All Star Buddies'' video shoot. They had known each other for a while as Joe used to work as a P.A. (Production Assistant) for Caruso and had been assigned to Cameron for his video shoots, and they had also hung out together at social and industry events. Even though it appears they were wildly attracted to each other - nothing sexual ever happened between them before. This fact turns out to be a good thing, because when they are paired together for this special video, fireworks go off and you get to see it all captured on video. The sex is so hot that Caruso lets the camera run straight through with just one cut to let the guys change condoms and even then they were anxious to get right back to the sex. There's lot of extremely intense kissing, blowjobs, rimming and fucking in this video. Right in the beginning when they are several minutes into the sex, they agree that it's a great thing they picked each other for the scene. At one point Joe says to Cameron ''You're so sexy'' to which Cameron responds ''No, you are''.  Here you only see it in print, wait until you hear them say the words to each other in the heat of some really hot sex.  Cam: ''Oh that feels so good!''... Joe: ''Tight hole!''... Cam: ''Please fuck me!'' And 'After the Shoot', Cameron says to Joe questioningly ''There's some intimacy here?'' to which Joe readily agrees, and this confirmation of their mutual sentiment seems to relieve Cameron and make both boys very happy. We're sure it will make you very happy too!